We take pride in helping SpreadLOV to causes that affect all people in the world. You may have been personally effected, a family member, or a friend, we all have some experience with a situation. Through our awareness campaigns, we want to bring greater attention and to rally support to help an individuals in need.

For our Awareness Campaigns, we will release an items dedicated to a particular cause. A portion of the sales for each individual item sold will go into an awareness savings pot. At the end of the awareness campaign, we will award the awareness savings pot to a non-profit or an individual in need.

**These awareness savings are meant to go to someone really in need. Please be honest and have some integrity before submitting your survey. Before making our selection, we may ask for proof of the story you provided us.


Awareness Campaign Details:

  • Complete the entire Awareness Campaign Survey
  • Must be following LOV on one of our three social media sites
  • Facebook: LOV, Instagram: TheLOV_brand, and Twitter: TheLOV_brand
  • Following all three sites gives you a greater chance
  • We will post frequently on our social media outlet about the awareness campaign
  • Share, tag, repost, and/or retweet to spread awareness about the cause
  • Simply comment #SpreadLOV on our social media post. (Ex:#SpreadLOVbreastcancer)